About us

Center for the synthesis, processing and characterization of materials for use in extreme conditions “CEXTREME LAB” within the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade University was founded in 2014. The center is accredited in September 2015 by the Committee for Accreditation of Scientific Research Institutions and it is the only officially accredited Center of excellence of the largest institute in the country.

The Center is engaged in research that require an interdisciplinary approach; ie. basic and applied research in the border area of basic sciences (chemistry, physics, biology) and engineering. Therefore, the research groups from different fields have joined, ie. Laboratory made to work on the same task and Efficient solved problems, with the aim of increasing the necessary human resources and research infrastructure, and the capacity to perform specific and current research activities, as well as connect with other scientific-research institutions and centers in the country and abroad . Laboratory within the Center are formed not only for fudamentalnih research, but also for specific development and applied research.