Dr Dušan Bučevac

dusanbucevacDr Dušan Bučevac, research associate. He received his Ph.D. degree in materials science from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. He has been employed with Institute Vinča, University of Belgrade, since 2001. His research activities are focused on fabrication and thermo‑mechanical characterization of high‑temperature structural ceramics. A large part of the research has been devoted to dense non‑oxide ceramics and porous oxide ceramics which are widely used as structural and insulating material in high‑temperature environment. He has been published 27 papers in peer reviewed journals (SCI list) and 1 chapter book, had 3 invited lectures and 1 invited conference speech. His papers have been cited 72 times. He is mentoring one Ph.D. student and is leader of an international project between China and Serbia.

Head of the
Laboratory for Processing and Synthesis of Materials for Application in Extreme Conditions