Dr Vesna M. Maksimovic


Dr. Vesna M. Maksimovic, Principal Research Fellow. She graduated, finished master (2003) and PhD studies (2008) at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade. Since 2001 she has permanently employed at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinča, Department of Material Science. The area of her scientific research includes synthesis, processing, and characterization of powders of metals and alloys, as well as materials that are used in extreme conditions, with special emphasis on their microstructural characterization. She has published 63 papers in SCI journals and one chapter which have been cited more than 500 times (h-index 15). She has participated in projects of basic research, technological development, innovation and international projects. She is a member of the organizational and scientific committees of numerous international conferences as well as a reviewer of papers proposed for publication in international journals. She supervised the preparation of one master’s thesis and participated in the preparation of three doctoral dissertations and the supervisor of two doctorates in the field of composite materials.

Head of the
Laboratory for Qualitative and Quantitative Microstructural Analysis